CrazyBulk: Legit Or Scam?

What Is Crazybulk?

If your looking for alternatives to steroids and prohormones, chances are you’ve come across a few websites preaching Crazybulk products such as D-bal and Winsol.

Crazybulk Review

They market their stuff as ‘’100% legal steroids’’, but once you start digging deeper you’ll find out that these products are just like every other dietary supplement. They don’t contain anything spectacular and they will definitely NOT give you massive muscle gains as they claim.

A question I often get asked is ‘’Is Crazybulk Legit’’?

If you mean legit as in do their products give good results then NO. These Crazybulk products are overhyped, let’s have a look at a few of them.

Crazybulk D-Bal Reviews

One of their most popular products seems to be D-Bal which they claim mimics the effect of Dianabol. This has to be some kind of bad joke. We all know this product comes nowhere near the real effects of Dianabol. Let’s see what they say about D-bal on their website

Sounds good, right? This has gotten me curious about what D-bal actually contains. Let’s have a look at the ingredient list. Which by the way, was quite difficult to find.

Whey protein? Hold on guys let me just process this for a minute. So this stuff is supposed to mimic the effects of Dianabol but it contains whey protein, some amino acids and Tribulus Terrestris?

A bottle of D-Bal costs $70 which is also very overpriced. You could get 10lbs of Whey protein and a Multivitamin for $70 which will benefit your progress much more.

Is crazybulk legit

I’m sorry to break it to you guys but this product won’t drastically increase your protein metabolism and neither will it give you insane strength or muscle gains. In my opinion, your better of using SARMs.

All the transformations and testimonials you have seen with Crazybulk products such as D-bal are most likely fake.

You know how they were able to change their physiques? By working out and dieting. You don’t need these overpriced products to get the same type of results. Don’t get fooled!


Another ”great and effective product for massive gains” is Trenorol, which is supposed to have the same androgenic effects as Trenbolone. I found the following on the Crazybulk Website:


Wow, I wonder what this $85 bottle of Trenorol contains? It must be good if it’s going to deliver immense muscle gains, awesome strength and amazing physical conditioning!

Trenorol ingredients

I wasn’t familiar with half of the ingredients in Trenorol so I decided to do a bit of research. Beta Sitosterol seems to be some kind of plant extract which is used for prostate problems? Not sure how that is supposed to help with massive muscle gains.

Next we have Nettle Leaf Extract which can have some useful benefits but NOT for building muscle, conditioning or strength. It’s said it may reduce inflammation and treat prostate problems.

I mean come on, this makes no sense at all. None of these ingredients will help increase muscle mass or strength. You think you can take 3 of these capsules a day and magically transform? I’m going to give you guys some advice, focus on your diet and workout routine instead of wasting cash on these products.


Another product these guys sell is Winsol. They claim its as effective as real Winstrol.


As with the other products such as Trenorol, Winsol is supposedly going to give you insane strength, muscle mass, and vascularity. It’s just misleading because that is not the case.

Real winstrol is known for giving crazy results because it’s a very strong oral steroid.

Unfortunately just as with the other Crazybulkproducts it will not give you any drastic results.

Most before and after pictures on the website are probarly fake.

Crazybulk User Reviews

As you probarly already know, the website is obviously biased. I decided to research various forums to find some unbiased reviews about Crazybulk. There’s quite a few people who’ve asked Is Crazybulk legit? Take a look at what real users had to say about their products.

If you see anything made by, or anyone marketing the brand “Crazybulk” – its fake as ****
I’ll be honest, I bought the Clenbutrol (careful of the spelling, very close to the real spelling of Clenbuterol), I took the pills as advised whilst working out with diet and exercise. They did literally nothing

I’ve now tried their products for 2 months with the right training and surplus calories intake etc. and THEIR PRODUCTS ARE TRASH AND DO NOT WORK!

If you don’t believe me, do a few quick Google searches. These negative reviews about Crazybulk are all over the place.

The following user really hit the nail on the head. Everybody is in it to make money. All websites and blogs that praise these products have an affiliate link in them. If you end up purchasing through their website, they will get a percentage of the sale.

I read something about these that said they are crap. They purposely named them close to steroids so that people will buy them thinking they will give you the same results. Spoiler alert, they dont.
All the review sites with good reviews have links to sell them because when people use their link, the reviewer makes money.

I also highly suggest checking out this article about CrazyBulk. It contains some useful information regarding the whole legal Crazybulk steroid scam.

If you have a spare few minutes take a look at the following Crazybulk review.

Is Crazybulk A Scam?

Countless people have asked for my opinion on Crazybulk.

Do I think they are a scam?

I have nothing good to say about Crazybulk.

This company misleads people and it’s not right. If you don’t know anything about working out and supplements, you will be tricked into buying this stuff because they are promising steroid-like effects.

It’s all one big marketing strategy. They try to deceive you by giving the products similar names to those of steroids. As well as promising the same results as steroids, which is impossible.

Guys, please just focus on your diet and working out. If your set on purchasing a few supplements, that’s ok. Spend your money wisely on a good bodybuilding supplement or a bag of whey protein.

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