Gaia Kratom Review

If you been searching for online Kratom Vendors you might have stumbled upon users talking about Gaia Kratom. They are actually speaking about a company called Gaia Ethnobotanical. They are a company that claims to offer quality products against at an affordable price.

As you might already know, I’m a big fan of Kratom. This is why I have decided to start reviewing every big vendor out there, including Gaia Kratom.

We will be taking a look at every aspect of Gaia Ethnobotanical to find out how reliable these guys are.

Gaia Kratom Company Information

Let’s start off with some useful information. For those who didn’t know, this company started off as Gaia Kratom back in 2015. From here on they involved in Gaia Ethnobotanical.

Gaia Kratom

But now they seemed to have switched names again. Currently, they seem to be active as Mitragaia.

I’m not sure why a company would want to switch names 2 times. In my opinion that is kind of strange but who knows.

I also noticed that this company claims that it established itself as the leader in quality and customer support.

Product Assortment

Time to move onto the more interesting stuff, the product assortment. Gaia Kratom has pretty much every type of strain available in powder or capsules

They carry all popular strains including my favorite type White Vein.  You can order as little as 28 grams, which is a convenient amount. If you are thinking about trying different types of kratom strains you can order a small sachet to try them out.

If you don’t like the taste of kratom powder than the capsules are a good alternative. Gaia has plenty of different types of capsules. A few examples are the Green Maeng Da, Red Bali and Yellow Thai. There is only one huge downside, the minimum amount of capsules you can order is 2000.

Gaia Kratom Review

Another thing I noticed is that they stock different products such as a  Nootropic blend which seems to be great for relaxing and focus. They also have a welcome sample pack available for just $30.00 which contains 7 different types of strains. This is great if you are looking to experiment with new types of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)


The first thing that caught my attention was that Gaia Kratom has cheap prices. A sachet containing 28 grams of White Borneo only costs $5.00. I’m always skeptical when things are good to good to be true. This makes me really question the quality of the Kratom. You can even purchase a kilogram of kratom on their website for roughly $130.

Gaia Kratom Quality?

After checking the prices this brings me to my next point, product quality. Personally, I haven’t tried this vendor. I decided to check out what users had to say about the quality of Gaia. The reviews seem to be quite mixed.

Let me show you what I mean.

Gaia’s quality has been bunk the last 6 months and I won’t go back again.

This user claims that the quality of Gaia Kratom has been bunk for the last half year. That is quite alarming to me.

I found Gaia to be decent quality. Out of four strains I tried, two were trash, one was ehh, and the last was okay… nothing standout or amazing like I thought it would be from reviews I’ve read on here.

The main reason why people seem to go with this vendor is that it’s cheap. For me, quality is more important than the price as I actually want to feel the effects.  Keep in mind guys, these are all unbiased reviews I found on sites such as Reddit.

I tried a lot of Gaia Kratom too because when it works, it works well. But the inconsistency is annoying. I use 2 other vendors now that seem to be much higher hits. Maybe they will get back on track eventually and be consistent again but will have to see improved reviews first.

Some batches seem to be great, but others aren’t. It looks like a lot of people have mixed opinions on the quality. However, i think it’s worth the risk and give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

Customer Support

Gaia Kratom’s customer support is amazing based on the user experiences I have read. If you have any problems or questions make sure to call or email the customer support. They are extremely helpful and friendly.

Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Gaia Kratom might be cheap, but remember, you want the product to be effective. If the quality is going to be bad, you won’t be experiencing any of the positive effects you are looking for.

If you give Gaia a try please let me know. I want to know how other people have experienced this vendor.

I have had great experiences with BioKratom. The quality is consistent and they ship out pretty fast.

Gaia Kratom Review
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