GenF20 Plus Review

Can HGH Supplements Replace Anti-Aging Injections? GenF20 Plus Can!

There’s no shortage of big claims in the online health industry, and that’s especially true of HGH supplements and the companies that sell them.

If it’s been a while since Physiology 101, HGH is Human Growth Hormone. It’s the hormone responsible for your height, hair color, skin condition, weight loss and sex drive among other things.

You lose about 10% of your HGH each decade after 30. And, because you’re a busy person, I’ll give you the quick version of how to get it back without $30,000+ of synthetic HGH injections:

Put a little (or a lot of) GenF20 Plus in your house. Then, be ready for a HUGE boost to your quality of life.

Why GenF20 Plus? A stacked formula, ideally dosed, great company reputation, excellent value, and results, results and more results.

I’ve tested GenF20 Plus extensively. And I can tell you straight up that no other health supplement, HGH or otherwise, can improve you quality of life quite like GenF20 Plus.


GenF20 Plus boosts natural HGH production, which in turn, helps you age slower. It’s made with herbals, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-aging nutrients that gently awaken the pituitary gland to secrete more Human Growth Hormone and the benefits linked to it.

The formula is ideally dosed as part of a two part system, the first of which is a Daily Supplement taken twice daily. The second part is an oral spray with Alpha-GPC – a secretogogue and precursor to HGH synthesis.

It’s powerful stuff, and when combined, you could experience the following:

This is based on my own personal experience.

As an HGH releaser, GenF20 Plus helps address these visible (and sometimes not visible but very influential) signs of aging that most folks go through as they make less HGH.

But GenF20 Plus, with that stacked formula, expert dosage and two-part system which includes the oral spray with Alpha-GPC, does it a heckuva lot more effectively than any other anti-aging supplement I’ve used.

And that translates into a much higher quality of and enjoyment of life, at pretty much any age

GenF20 Plus Ingredients

Like all health products, HGH supplements sink or swim by what’s in the formula.

The company that makes GenF20 Plus is Leading Edge Health. They’ve long been known as pioneers in the natural health industry with a variety of male virility and sex pills for women.

With GenF20 Plus, they’ve taken that expertise a step further and crafted an HGH supplement that naturally kicks HGH back into gear with a stacked formula that is expertly dosed for maximum results.

Some of the most notable GenF20 Plus ingredients are:

L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps burn fat, builds muscle, boosts immune function and serves a variety of important physiological functions related to HGH.

Your body relies on this amino acid when it’s stressed. L Glutamine helps your metabolism, maintains muscles, boosts energy and immune function among other things. It’s a heavy-hitter.

L-Glycine helps stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. It also helps calm the brain and may protect the prostate as well.

This helps your metabolism. Astralagus Root also helps boost the immune system, assists with wound healing, boosts energy and a lot more.

A known neurotransmitter, GABA is an amino acid that helps nerve impulses cross synapses, which helps the immune system and keeps your memory on its tippy-toes.


Colostrum helps boost immunity, assists with bone health, helps boost muscle mass and reduces visible effects of aging. It’s key to boosting natural HGH.

This is a precursor to HGH in the Oral Spray that helps secrete even more HGH out of the pituitary gland.

It’s shown to boost HGH, improve cognitive ability, help strength training, fat removal and a variety of other anti-aging benefits that should put GenF20 Plus at the top of your HGH supplements list.

This is a winning anti-aging formula. I’m told it was designed by Leading Edge Health’s product lead – a former biologist, which clearly helps the product’s formula composition, the dosage and the results that follow.

GenF20 Plus can help you age slower, from the inside-out, and speaking from experience, is like seeing the world through the eyes of a superhero.

GenF20 Plus – Before and After

I used GenF20 Plus for just over a year. Despite being relatively young, I tried GenF20 Plus for its mental and physical benefits. Like you, I’d heard it helps folks age slower. This is what happened.

After the first month, I started having more energy. I saw that in the gym, for sure. My sex drive improved.

I saw the biggest results with GenF20 Plus after about 4 months. Sleep improved. My memory was sharp as a razor.

I felt like a monster in the gym, and it was easier to lose weight, which helped more than a few late night Netflix ice cream binges with a few tubs of Haagen Daz.

Hey, I’m only human.

GenF20 Plus had a huge impact on my quality of life despite my young age.

Those who stand to benefit the most from GenF20 Plus will likely be folks over 40.

It’s true that GenF20 Plus can help you age slower. I got sick less with GenF20 Plus, and it was a lot easier to get that beach ready body when I wanted to look like a guy with, well, a beach-ready body.

I’ve tried a lot of HGH supplements, and this one’s a keeper.

User Reviews

I’m not the only person who loves GenF20 Plus, believe me. Here’s what others say about it:

“GenF20® Is The Best Product That I Have Ever Taken!”

My name is David and I have a testimonial that I would dearly love you to pass on. I have been taking GenF20® now for approximately 1 month and for the first time in over 8 years I have not needed to take my other medication for sinus.

I have been taking a pseudoephedrine product for 8 years and ever since I’ve started GenF20® I have no need for that medication. It is a pure miracle for me to have found you guys. GenF20® is the best product that I have ever taken.

I feel so much healthier. Thank you so much. I hope that you maintain this product exactly as it is as it’s perfect in my opinion!

– David Freeman, Australia

​​”Energy And Sex Drive Are Incredible…”

My skin, hair, nails are vastly improved (hair is thicker!). I have diminished cellulite on my inner thigh that I have tried, until now, to improve for years!

My energy and sex drive are incredible! I highly recommend GenF20® to all my friends and my family already has a supply. My mother has asthma and now has more energy than ever!

– Sylvia Denonna, New York

​​​”Better Mood And I Sleep Much Better…”

For sure! GenF20® makes sex better… better muscle tone… better mood and I sleep much better!

– Richard J Cowell, Truxton, New Jersey

How Fast Does It Work?

You’ll see and feel a difference with GenF20 Plus within the first few weeks.

Most people I’ve spoken with hit their stride with GenF20 Plus after three months.

I’d say that’s about right.

Keep in mind GenF20 Plus is a supplement. You’ll need to keep using it to maintain your results.

With that in mind, think about buying a package of at least 5 months. You’ll save more money that way, and don’t have to worry about losing your gains.

How To Use GenF20 Plus

Take two GenF20 Plus capsules twice a day (so four daily), preferably two in the morning and two at night.

Give 2-3 pumps of the Oral Spray with Alpha-GPC under your tongue when you take the Daily Supplement.

Where To Buy GenF20 Plus

Buy GenF20 Plus from its official stores. This eliminates the chance you’ll buy a counterfeit product.

I only buy GenF20 Plus from…

This is the only site where I buy GenF20 Plus.


A month of GenF20 Plus is $83. That may seem a little pricey-ish, but it’s a steal when you consider that formula, the Daily Supplement, the Oral Spray and most importantly, the much higher quality of life you’ll enjoy.

More sex, bigger muscles, stronger immune system and a younger body and mind? Yeah, that makes a difference!

Still, for the most value with GenF20 Plus, I recommend you buy a package of 6 Months.

You’ll save $200 this way, and the company will ship it to you for free within the continental United States.


There are a lot of HGH supplements. GenF20 Plus is the best.

That’s because of what it brings: a powerful formula, expertly dosed, great reputation, a 67 day money-back guarantee, doctor-approval from Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, and most of all, a quality of life that will truly amaze you.

Testing GenF20 Plus was one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

Think big picture with GenF20 Plus. Younger body, younger mind. You live once. Might as well enjoy it!

Don’t believe me? Take a chance and try GenF20 Plus yourself!

GenF20 Plus Review

Product Name: GenF20 Plus

  • Formula - 9.3/10
  • HGH Boosting - 9.5/10
  • Quality Of Life - 9.2/10
  • Reputation - 9.7/10
  • Value - 9.5/10

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