Geo Peptides: In-Depth Review

If you are familiar with Peptides and Research Chemicals chances are you’ve heard of Geo Peptides. On their website, these guys claim to be the industry leader in research materials. Let’s see how Geo Peptides compares to other popular vendors such as IRC.Bio and Southern SARMs.

Geo peptides

We take a look at the quality and pricing of the products that are available on Geo Peptides. Are these guys worthy of being considered a legitimate source for Research Chemicals? Let’s take a look!

Geo Peptides Customer Review

I decided to dig a little deeper and went through countless Geo Peptide reviews. Most users seem to be quite positive about this vendor. The products they sell seem to be accurately dosed and of good quality. Based on a very recent Geo Peptides Review I would definitely say these guys are good to go.

It’s very important to find a lot of positive reviews about a vendor. If 90 percent of the customers say their stuff is good to go, it most likely is. I can’t comment on the quality of their SARMs because I haven’t used them. I already purchase my SARMs from Sarms4You but for peptides I will definitely try them out soon.

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The great thing about Geo peptides is that they have what they call ”the deal of the day”. Basically, each day they will put a different item in sale. You’ll find that this certain product is sold against a greatly reduced price.

Besides their awesome discounts, the customer support seems to be really supportive aswell. If you have any questions regarding the purity of their products I suggest reaching out to them.

Product Assortment & Pricing

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Geo Peptides has pretty much EVERY peptide you can think of. To give you an idea, they have BPC-157, GRHP-2 and even IGF-1 Des. Everything they sell on their website is strictly for research and laboratory use only.

Geo peptides Review

Besides a lot of peptides and research chemicals, they also carry pretty much every popular SARM available in liquid form. The best sellers on their website seem to be MK-2866 (Ostarine) and GW-501516 (Cardarine). They also claim that all products are a minimum of 98,6% purity. Geo Peptides performs quality tests on all of the products they have up for sale. This is very important because you want to make sure you are getting legitimate products.

Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that Geo Peptides make custom SARMs blends. For 60 bucks, these guys will make you any SARM blend you want. You can pick two types of SARMs and they will put half of each in a 30ml bottle. That is pretty cool, I haven’t seen any other vendor offer this kind of service.

There’s not a lot of vendors that carry as many products as Geo Peptides do. You have a lot of products to choose from even though some of them can get quite expensive. A Bottle of liquid RAD-140 will set you back $75, which is a bit more compared to other vendors.


If you are looking for high-quality Peptides than I would surely recommend checking out these guys. The community seems to really back up the products they sell. Even though they are more expensive than other vendors the products are definitely worth it.

I was unable to find any feedback on the SARMs they sell. This leads me to believe that not many people have tried those yet. That is why I would prefer to go with a different source for SARMs. Check out Sarms4You if you are looking for third-party lab tested SARMs.

If you have any feedback on this vendor make sure to let us know.

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