All You Need to Know about Insulin Mimetic

What is an Insulin Mimetic

Insulin Mimetic is a term that is often used for products, mostly natural supplements that can ‘mimic’ insulin.

But what can an insulin mimetic do?

Well, to answer that question we first have to find out what Insulin is and what it does in our body.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone. Hormones are substances that regulate the different processes in our body. Insulin regulates glucose metabolism and plays a role in fat metabolism. The name insulin comes from the Latin word for island(insula).

When you eat a meal your blood glucose will rise, what will stimulate insulin(in normal healthy people). You can see insulin as a carrier. Insulin will transport all the glucose to the cells, and will also open the cells so that it can be burned as energy. Glucose that is not needed immediately is stored in the fat cells, muscle, and liver.

This is a really interesting part. So if you eat a large meal which will cause a large amount of glucose, your body will have a lot of unwanted glucose that can be stored as fat. An Insulin Mimetic can be seen as a supplement that will mimic the effect of insulin.

This means that an insulin mimetic can help benefit you when you have large amounts of glucose in your body. If you have more insulin in your body, you can use the glucose more efficiently.

This can really benefit you if you are, for example looking to build more muscle. If you train your muscle, your body will need fuel to restore those muscles. An Insulin Mimetic can help with this to put more nutrients into the muscle cells.

Insulin Mimetic

5 natural ingredients that can help Mimetic Insulin

  1. Berberine
    Is a known plant extract with a lot of benefits. Berberine can activate an enzyme called AMPK while inhibiting Proteine-Tyrosine Phosphatase. If you activate the AMPK it can reverse insulin resistance. Another study has shown that berberine can help with the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Cinnamon
    Different studies have been done about the benefits of Cinnamon. One of them was finding out if cinnamon could help with Diabetes. Researchers found out in a study that it could lower blood sugar levels with 24% and cut cholesterol with 18%.
  3. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
    A study has shown that Alpha Lipoic Acid can help with lowering Blood sugar levels in humans. The patients were divided into 2 groups to receive either 300mg ALA a day or placebo. The group that got the ALA showed a significant decrease in FBG and PPG.
  4. Fenugreek
    In a study done with 24 patients who had type 2 diabetes, it was shown that fenugreek had lowered the blood sugar significant. The patients were divided in a group who took fenugreek with yogurt and with hot water. The group who took fenugreek with hot water had way lower blood sugar than the other group. It may also increase insulin sensitivity with people that suffered from type 1 diabetes. Patients who took Fenugreek for 10 days showed increased insulin sensitivity compared to the group who didn’t take it.
  5. Fucoxanthin
    A study done on rats, with a high-fat diet, has shown that Fucoxanthin can help with insulin resistance, which is a large factor in Diabetes.

Benefits of an Insulin Mimetic

Here are some of the most known and researched benefits of an Insulin Mimetic.

  • Lower Blood Sugar;
  • Improve Cholesterol Levels;
  • Nutrient partition;
  • It may benefit with heart disease;
  • Improve Insulin sensitivity;
  • Can aid with Weight Loss (Partition fat storage).

Below you can see a review of a product called ‘Slin Pills’ from Enhanced Athlete. It’s an insulin mimetic supplement and also a nutrient partitioning supplement. They did a lot of research on every ingredient that is in this product. Nutrient partitioning supplements can be really beneficial for people that can’t absorb all of the food that they are eating.

This is really interesting for people that are looking to build muscle if a nutrient partitioner can help with adding nutrients to the muscle instead of other cells like the fat cells.

If you are looking for muscle building supplements you should definitely check our Laxogenin guide over here.

Slin Pills by Enhanced Athlete
  • Nutrient Partitioning
  • Insulin Mimetic
  • Lower Blood Sugar

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