Life Force Kratom Review

It’s time for yet another Kratom vendor review. Today, we will be taking a look at Life Force Kratom.

Supposedly, Life Force sells Quality Kratom against reasonable prices. The problem is that there has been a lot of speculation about whether they actually sell good quality Kratom.

From what I have heard, the people behind this company are genuine. They also seem to be very involved in the battle to keep Kratom legal.

We are going to be analysing multiple aspects of this store. Let’s find out if Life Force Kratom is worth trying out!

Product Assortment & Prices

Whilst writing this review I noticed that Life Force Kratom has run into some serious issues with their stock.

This is mainly caused by various shipping delays and other obstacles. They aren’t sure when the rest of the products will be back in stock which is bad news.

That means that there currently are only 12 different types of Kratom available. The largest quantity you can order is 250g, this company does not sell kilograms. Which is no issue but if you would like to order in bulk you might want to email them.

Most of them are red and green strains as all the white vein kratom has been removed from the website.

Green Maeng Da

They currently don’t have ANY Maeng Da Kratom which is considered to be one of the most popular strains out there.

I was disappointed to see that they did not carry my personal favorite strains which are Gold Bali and White Borneo. However, to make up for this they do carry a special kratom blend.

Besides Kratom, they also have alternative herbs such as Zingiber (Ginger) for sale.

The website is pretty basic and I wasn’t able to find ANY information about shipping or other payment methods. In my opinion, it is essential information every online store should have.

With all the issues these guys seem to have with product stock and payment methods, I highly suggest you take a look at different vendors.

Customer Service

I haven’t personally dealt with Life Force but from what I’ve heard the customer service is good. If you send them a message they will most likely get back to you within 24 hours.

If you need an answer to your question straight away, you can also give these guys a call. They will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

Life Force Kratom User Experiences

Life Force Kratom

Let’s check out what other users had to say about Life Force Kratom.

Keep in mind guys, everybody has different experiences with Kratom. I am just simply showing you what other users had to say about this Life Forece Kratom.

Life Kratom User Experience Reddit
User Review Life Force
Reddit Life Force Kratom Review

Based on these reviews I can conclude that Life Force Kratom is of average quality. I decided to do some more research and found more reviews.

Life force Review

Honestly, I’m pretty disappointed on the stuff I’ve read about Life Force. They charge roughly $45 for 250 grams which would make you think the Kratom is great. I was going to give this company a chance but based on the information available I think I’ll pass.

Where Should You Buy Kratom?

Always make sure to buy kratom for a reputable vendor that has plenty of positive reviews. It’s very important to have a quality product because you want to get the most out of your kratom experience.

If your looking for an online store that has good kratom against reasonable prices check out our suggested kratom source.

If anybody has any different experiences with this company let me know down in the comments. I am curious to find out how other people have experienced Life Force Kratom.

Life Force Kratom Review
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