RedCon1 Halo Review: Will It Help You Gain Muscle?

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at a muscle building supplement.

It’s called RedCon1 Halo and it’s said to enhance lean mass gains, protein synthesis and more…

That’s impressive – but is it true?

Well, that is what you’re about to find out in this Redcon1 Halo Review.


Halo is a muscle builder developed by RedCon1. It’s the same company that is known for the Total War Pre-workout.

This product is referred to as a natural anabolic that could help you reach your physique goals in a natural and safe way.

Redcon1 Halo Review

It supposedly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. When those two are increased, gaining mass and strength become much easier. 

Your recovery rate will also be much faster. This means more frequent training, less soreness and more gains.

So, if you’re a bodybuilder or athlete that wants to enhance performance without turning to dangerous substances, this product might be interesting.

We found Annihilate to be a better choice compared to Halo. It’s cheaper and contains the exact same ingredients.

Redcon1 Halo Ingredients

After reading the official website, Redcon1 Halo seems to have some very promising effects.

But, what ingredients are found in this product? Let’s take a look to see if those effects will really happen when you take it.

It’s also worth mentioning that Redcon1 Halo is quite expensive compared to other muscle building supplements. It better be worth the money..

Above are the supplement facts for Halo. As you can see, it contains just one ingredient and it’s called Laxogenin.

I’ve researched and used  Laxogenin and it is definitely a very interesting ingredient. Research has shown that Laxogenin could have anabolic effects.

It’s commonly referred to as the plant steroid. And the great thing about it is that it doesn’t have any side effects. You can even stack it with other muscle building supplements.

Redcon1 Halo Review

In my opinion, it’s one of the products that should be considered by every serious bodybuilder. At 200mg per day, you’ll definitely be making awesome mass and strength gains from my experience.

My last cycle I combined Annihilate (Laxogenin) with Epicatechin. It’s a great natural muscle building stack.

Should You Use Redcon1 Halo?

There is no doubt that it’s a good muscle builder.

But for me, there is just one problem…

I find Redcon1 Halo to be way too expensive. I mean, it goes for at least $65 a bottle and you usually buy 2 when your doing a cycle with Laxogenin.

That is why I use Annihilate by Huge Nutrition instead. It’s got the exact same amount of laxogenin and capsules but will only cost you $49,95 per bottle when you use the coupon HUGE10.

So pretty much the exact same product, just a lot cheaper. I’ve also used Annihilate for my last laxogenin cycle and had amazing results.

I would highly recommend checking out Huge Nutrition. They have a lot of other good stuff as well such as pre-workout supplements and muscle building stacks.

Redcon1 Halo FAQ

Based on my experience, it’ll take at least 5-7 days for it to fully start kicking in. Make sure that you don’t skip a dosage, it’s important for Laxogenin to build up in your system.

I’ve used it once in the past but found a better and cheaper alternative.

The laxogenin product I recommend is Annihilate by Huge Nutrition. 

It contains the same amount of Laxogenin which means it’s equally effective.

No, you shouldn’t experience any type of side effects with this product. I’ve used a similiar product (Annihilate) several times and never had any issues with side effects.

Yes, it can be stacked with other products. One of my favorite stacks is Laxogenin with Epicatechin and Arachidonic Acid.

You take one or two capsules per day in the morning with a meal. If you haven’t used this product before, it’s advised to start out with just one capsule per day.

The Final Verdict

Halo by Redcon1 is a good product that might help you with building muscle.

The sole ingredient found in this product is Laxogenin. It’s one of the few promising ingredients when it comes to building mass in a safe way.

This product is quite expensive at $65 per bottle. We suggest checking out the other laxogenin supplements. Our recommendation is Annihilate by Huge Nutrition.

You won’t have any side effects when running this product and it’s also possible to stack it with other supplements.

Redcon1 Halo Review
Redcon1 Halo Review

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