SarmsPharm Review: Quality Liquid SARMs & More?

Sarmspharm review

There are a lot of vendors to purchase SARMs from, one of them being SarmsPharm. With these guys claiming to have the highest quality SARMs for sale I decided to make a SarmsPharm Review. If you didn’t already know, the quality of SARMs can be very inconsistent. In order to get great results with minimal side effects, you will need high purity SARMs. That is why it is very important to analyse every vendor when it comes down to the quality of their products.

Let’s quickly go through what products SarmsPharm have to offer, prices and what other users have to say about them!

Product Assortment & Pricing

These guys have 8 different types of SARMs available, including the famous YK-11 and S-23. They are available in both liquid solutions and as powders. That’s pretty much all they have, I think they also used to sell stimulants such as DMAA but they seem to have taken those down. The liquid SARMs they sell come in 30ml vials and you are able to choose between different concentrations.

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For example, SarmsPharm LGD-4033 comes in either 10mg/mL or 30mg/mL. The price for the 10mg/ml concentration is $39.99 which is very cheap in my opinion. Usually, a vial of LGD-4033 will be almost twice as expensive. I’m always doubtful when it comes to SARMs being awfully cheap. Often it’s too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean SarmsPharm isn’t selling real stuff.

SarmsPharm also clearly lists specification details about every compound on the product page. If you’re unsure on how to store a certain compound make sure to check this page out.

Customer Support

These guys have very friendly customer support! Even though it took me quite a while to receive an reply, they apologised and even gave me a free discount code. I would suggest reaching out to the SarmsPharm customer support if you have any doubts about ordering or shipping.

User Reviews

I went through quite a few SarmsPharm reviews and i’m still not sure whether they are legit or not. Most people who have tried SarmsPharm either say it’s the real deal or not working at all. Here’s what users had to say about SarmsPharm:

Same experience here with Sarmspharm LGD, on end of week 4 and zero effects, no strength gains at all, not even a zit. I had great results on a previous run with other vendors LGD-4033 so I knew what to expect, hate that I have wasted 4 weeks on a bunk product.

Which is very strange, real Ligandrol should give you awesome results when you are about 4 weeks in. There are plenty of reviews just like this one which is very confusing. Mainly because I also found people saying that the SARMs they baught from SarmsPharm were indeed legit.

Sarms Pharm Coupon

Unfortunately I was unable to find any Sarms pharm coupon. You could try emailing them and ask them for a coupon code, it’s worth a shot. I don’t think they actually give out coupon codes since the products they sell are already cheap compared to others.

If you are looking to purchase SARMs with a discount make sure to check out Sarms4You. You can use the coupon code BLUECLOUD10 for a 10% discount on your order.

SarmsPharm Review Conclusion

In my opinion, there are better alternatives to purchase SARMs from. Why? Mainly because of the mixed user reviews I have found on SarmsPharm. When you find a lot of negative reviews about a SARMs supplier, that’s a huge red flag.

My personal recommendation would be to purchase from either IRC.Bio or Sarms4You. Both have high-quality products for sale backed up by great reviews.

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality SARMs make sure to check out my SARMs for sale page. If you want to check out more store reviews, make sure to check out my IRC.Bio Review.

Sarmspharm Review
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