Testosterone Enanthate: Mind-Blowing Facts!

Testosterone Enanthate is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS). The first time it was introduced to the market was back in the 1950s.

It’s known for it’s strong androgenic effects whilst having average anabolic properties. 

It has various medical purposes. It’s mainly used to help treat delayed puberty and low testosterone levels in men. In most countries, it’s a controlled substance.

Testosterone Enanthate is also widely used by bodybuilders to help them increase testosterone levels. It’s by far one of the most popular esters because it has a long half-life.

Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer in terms of benefits.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle

Let’s take a closer look at a typical Testosterone Enanthate Cycle.

The two most important things are cycle length and dosage. 

Anecdotal experiences show us that a typical cycle lasts anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks.

Of course, you’ll find users that will run it for longer periods of time such as during a blast and cruise.

It’s also good to know that Test takes a while to fully kick in. Anecdotal experiences show us that that it doesn’t kick in until week 4-6.

Here’s a few examples of a Test E cycles with different compounds added.


WEEKS 1-14






WEEKS 1-16






WEEKS 1-14
WEEKS 1-12




The first cycle is very basic. The second one includes an oral kickstarter, Dianabol.

You’ll also find users that switch out Dbol for Anadrol or Turinabol. Same goes for Deca, some people prefer Equipoise.

It’s also advised to have an Anti Estrogen (AI) compound on hand such as Arimidex or Arimistane.

A Testosterone Enanthate cycle will always be followed by a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

This is because Test-E basically replaces your own natural production and shuts it down. 

A good PCT will help with recovering from the cycle. Your body will have to start producing Testosterone on it’s own again. 

Testosterone Enanthate Dosage

The dosage is usually between 250 and 500mg per week. However, you’ll always have users that run it at a even higher dosage such as 750mg to 1000mg per week.

Of course, there are various factors which will also play a role. 

Most users won’t require such a high dosage as the compound is highly effective. 

500mg seems to be the sweet spot for most. You’ll find that it’s often stacked with compounds such as Winstrol or Anavar as well.

Testosterone Enanthate Half Life

Testosterone Enanthate is a long ester and has a half-life of 4.5 days.

This is extremely important to keep this in mind. It is usually administered twice a week to keep stable testosterone levels.

Testosterone Enanthate

Anecdotal experiences tell us that if one is doing 500mg a week you should take the first injection on Monday (250mg) and the second one on Thursday (250mg).

Simply put, 250mg twice a week to get a total amount of 500mg a week.

By doing so, you’ll keep levels stable and won’t experience any fluctuations.

Benefits & Results

Why do bodybuilders use Testosterone Enanthate?

Well, because it’s highly effective. By increasing testosterone, you’ll be able to gain size and strength a lot faster. It’s a lot stronger than Primobolan as well.

It also increases protein synthesis. The higher the protein synthesis, the easier it gets to build lean mass.

Let’s take a look at the most reported effects from users that have tried this compound.

Again, this is based on anecdotal experiences.

As for the results, they greatly vary. Some users have gained up to 20lbs of lean muscle mass during a Testosterone Enanthate cycle.

However, this comes at a price. Steroids can be dangerous for your health and I do not recommend using them.


Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

This anabolic androgenic steroid does come with side effects. The most common side effects are:

Again, these are just a few examples. There’s a lot more that can happen. They aren’t as intense as with Trenbolone but still. This should make you think twice about using steroids. 

If you want to boost your testosterone without nasty side effects, check out Testo Max.

It’s a legal steroid that can help you gain lean mass and strength. It was developed as a safer alternative to Sustanon, which is a mix of 4 different Testosterone esters.

With this product, you’ll be able to gain a solid amount of mass and strength when used correctly. It also doesn’t require any PCT.

Testosterone Enanthate Vs Cypionate

You’ll find a lot of users compare Testosterone Enanthate Vs Cypionate.

They are both different esters and considered to be long esters.

Test E has a half-life of roughly 5 days. Cypionate has a half-life of 7 to 10 days.

This means that Enanthate is slightly faster and has a shorter half life compared to Cypionate.

Testosterone Enanthate

Product Name: Testosterone Enanthate

  • Increase Lean Mass - 9/10
  • Boost Protein Synthesis - 9.2/10
  • Gain Strength - 9.5/10
  • Half-Life - 9/10

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