The 5 Ashwagandha benefits for men

5 Scientifically Proven Ashwagandha Benefits For Menashwagandha benefits for men

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera is a very popular herb that has been around for thousands of years. It is actually one of the most powerful herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine.

It is known for being an effective treatment against a variety of conditions. It has the capability to help balance the body during stressful periods.

The great thing about Ashwagandha is that it has multiple health benefits for men.

Even today Ashwagandha is still being researched as a natural alternative to erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Let’s go over the 5 Ashwagandha benefits for Men, all backed up by science.

Ashwagandha can reduce anxiety and stress

I have started taking it specifically for social anxiety. It changed my life quite distinctly. I’ve recommended it to several other close friends who had the same experience.

Ashwagandha has shown antistress activity in an experimental study performed on rats. We all know how big of an impact stress can have on anxiety related issues. Are you still having doubts? Well, here is a different study performed on humans.

This trial tells us that Ashwagandha is very effective at improving stress resistance.

5 Ashwagandha Benefits

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting benefits Ashwagandha has to offer. Having personally dealt with stress and anxiety, knowing that there is a proven natural alternative that can help is really great.


Ashwagandha improves fertility

It has been scientifically proven that Ashwagandha can improve fertility. In a pilot study performed on 46 healthy males, the results were amazing. Have a look at the results:

Ashwagandha testosterone

Stress can have a huge impact on male fertility. It has been proven that Ashwagandha is an effective treatment against stress-related infertility.

Ashwagandha benefits men

Ashwagandha can drastically help improve hormone levels as well. Which is pretty crazy to think about, there are not a lot of products out there that can do so. If you are looking at effective ways to help improve fertility, make sure to give Ashwagandha a try.


Ashwagandha can increase lean muscle mass and strength

Ashwagandha can help improve muscle mass, strength and even reduce body fat. It has the ability to significantly change your body composition. The muscle building effects are also backed up by several studies.

Groups treated with Ashwagandha made great results. If you are into working out then you should definitely try supplementing with Ashwagandha to help your progress.

5 Ashwagandha Benefits for men

It is also worth mentioning that Ashwagandha is completely safe to use for dosages of up to several grams a day.

Besides the muscle building effects, it also can decrease body fat. You can expect to drop several lbs of excess fat when correctly using Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha can reduce Cholesterol

In a study performed on rats, Ashwagandha was able to reduce Cholesterol by more than 53%. This means that it can also have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. During this study, Triglycerides were also affected and reduced by at least 45%.

Of course, this study was performed on rats. What about human studies?

Another study was performed on humans as well, and the results are very interesting.


Ashwagandha benefits for men


Take a look at the following table and you will see Ashwagandha really works. There is a significant decrease in Total cholesterol between check-ups.

The difference is nowhere near the first study’s 53%, but you have to take into consideration this study was performed on actual humans. With that being said, there is still a good 10% decrease in total cholesterol which is amazing.


Ashwagandha can improve memory and brain functions

Several studies suggest that Ashwagandha may positively impact brain functions. During an 8-week study performed on 50 adults, daily supplementation of 300mg ashwagandha resulted in improved memory, attention and performance.

Another study suggests that 500mg of Ashwagandha can improve cognitive and psychomotor performance.

If you are looking for a natural product that can help you with improving memory and reaction time make sure to add Ashwagandha into your daily routine. It has been proven to work!

There you have it, the 5 Ashwagandha benefits for men. This herb is truly unique and it has been proven through various studies that it is able to help combat various conditions.


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