Volume Pills Review: Do They Really Work?

If you’re looking for effective semen pills that increase your sperm volume, you HAVE to check out volume pills.

When you compare volume pills to other products on the market, you’ll find that they are much better.


It’s because they have a very potent and effective formula.

In case you aren’t familiar with volume pills, they are semen enhancers.

Basically, they make you shoot a bigger load.

This product consists of natural and scientifically proven ingredients. What makes them stand out from other competitors is the amazing formula and many positive reviews.

Not only does it improve sperm volume, it’ll also help improve sexual performance, libido and erections.

Simply put, volume pills are great male enhancement pills that not only increase the volume of your sperm but they also help you in the bedroom.

Do Volume Pills Work?

I get a lot of people that ask me..

Do volume pills work?

First of all, you should know that this product primarily focuses on your semen production. You’ll find out that once you start using them, you will be shooting much bigger loads.

If you’re struggling with the fact that you’re only delivering a small load of semen, you definitely need to give volume pills a try.

What most people don’t realize is that it’s one of the best-rated products on the market. It’s also good to know that they are completely safe to use.

This product contains various ingredients that can help with improving your sperm volume. Not only will you be more confident, but it also works for getting bigger and stronger erections.

Combine bigger loads of semen and more quality erections and you’ll have much better orgasms and more pleasure.

Volume Pills Ingredients

What makes volume pills so effective is the list of strong natural ingredients.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most potent formula’s to improve semen volume. It mainly consists of natural herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for ages.

I’ve used quite a few different semen enhancers but I must say that volume pills are one of a kind.

Let’s have a look at a few of the key ingredients and what role they play in this formula.


This ingredient is said to enhance sexual motivation. In this compound, you’ll find L-Dopa which functions as a pleasure giving transmitter to the brain.

Personally, I think Solidin largely contributes to why volume pills are so effective. It’s also been proven to work in various animal studies.

Ling Zhi

The Ling Zhi Mushroom is very popular in traditional Chinese medicine. It can potentially have a huge range of benefits.

It’s said to help with the immune system and work as an antioxidant. Ling Zhi can also positively impact stress. Anecdotal experiences also claim that it helps boost libido, but this hasn’t been proven.

Ku Ga

Ku Ga is an rather interesting ingredient. It’s been proven to reduce body fat by boosting the male hormone called Testosterone.

Testosterone is called the sex hormone for a reason. It’s crucial for a healthy libido and semen production. This is why Ku Ga is a great addition to this formula.

Hong Hua Fen

This is an ingredient you don’t find in a lot of male enhancement products. Hong Hua Fen is an chinese herb that is said to open up the blood vessels in the body.

By increasing blood flow to the penis, you’ll experience stronger and longer-lasting erections.

This means volume pills aren’t only designed to increase your sperm load but they will also help with your erection quality.

It’s said that Hong Hua Fen is one of the most important ingredients in Volume Pills because it can significantly increase sperm volume.

Tian Men Tong

I was suprised to see that this product also contains Tian Men Tong. You might also know it as Asparagus Tube.

Many users claim that this is also one of the key ingredients that helps enhance sperm count. It can also help with improving the quality of your erection.

I would always suggest to stack Volume Pills with a testosterone booster. By stacking them together, you’ll be boosting your testosterone levels which can significantly increase libido.

If you’re not sure which testosterone booster is effective, check out my Testogen review. It’s by far the best product on the market right now.


Drizilen stimulates the release of nitric oxide. This means it improves blood flow to certain area’s of the body, including the penis.

You’ll a much better blood flow to the penis which will make your erections better, stronger and harder. It’s also good to know that it’s one of the few products that contain Drizilen.

Should I Try Volume Pills?

Volume pills have over thousands of positive reviews and user experiences. I’ve personally used them and I am confiden that they work.

If you’re seriously struggling with semen production, erection quality or overall sexual performance you have to try them out.

They are a much better alternative than prescription medicine such as Viagra. It’s good to know that they only consist of natural premium ingredients that aren’t harmful in any way.

Let’s take a quick look at the pro’s and cons!

Volume Pills Pros

Volume Pills Cons

As you can see the the positives outweigh the negatives and you should definitely give them a try. Personally, I found that the results improved the longer I used them.

This is why I recommend purchasing a 6 month supply. 

Also make sure to check out this video to get a better understanding of what they are able to offer.

Semen Volume Pills Price

I’ll be honest with you, semen volume pills aren’t cheap.

On the official website, you’ll pay $65.00 for a one month supply.

But, the good news is that the more you buy, the more you save.

2 Months Supply – $110.00

3 Months Supply – $160.00

6 Months Supply – $250.00

12 Months Supply – $350.00

I’ve personally went with the 6 months supply as it saves a huge chunk of money. It’s also advised to run it for longer periods of time to see the best results.

With the 6 months supply it only works out to about $40 a month. If you’re planning on running it for a long time you can consider the 12 month supply which comes down to roughly $29 a month.

In my opinion, if you’re really struggling and it’s causing problems it’s very much worth it. 

Where To Buy Volume Pills

I highly suggest buying volume pills from the official website.

This way, you’ll be 100% sure you are getting the real product since there are a lot of fakes going around.

You’ll also have full money back guarantee when ordering volume pills from the official website.

I suggest purchasing at least a 3 month supply. It’s cheaper to purchase the package deal and you get the best bang for your buck.

It’s also good to know that volume pills are packed discrete and safe. You won’t have to worry about anybody finding out that you ordered them.

Increase Sperm Volume Pills: Yes Or No?

Increase sperm volume pills are one of a kind. You won’t find another product that works as effectively.

A lot of work and research has been put into the formula. This is one of the main reasons it’s grown to be so popular.

Increase Sperm Volume Pills can be used by anybody above 18 that are struggling with their sexual performance and semen production.

With over thousands of positive reviews, you’ll regret the fact that you didn’t discover these amazing pills before.

What are you waiting for? Give them a try and share your volume pills review with us!

Volume Pills Review
  • Improve Sperm Production - 9.5/10
  • Shoot Bigger Loads - 9/10
  • Boost Libido - 9.5/10
  • Improve Sexual Performance - 9/10

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